Experience the wonders of Tanzania with authentic Maasai!

Various local communities run their own cultural programmes and welcomes visitors to their homes, bringing income directly to local community while giving local people an opportunity to showcase their way of life to the outside world. This creates mutual understanding and friendships between tourists and local people, offering tourists from all over the world the possibility to experience Tanzania’s cultural diversity and providing local people in various rural areas the opportunity to build sustainable livelihoods


Responsible culture tourism practice that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people


To preserve and promote tradition culture of irlmaasai[maasai] of loliondo and Ngorongoro people life style for the future generation

Tours offered

  • Culture tour to maasai Bomas[kraal]
  • To visit a tradition healer {oloiboni}
  • Water fall hike [Engaresero]
  • Natural walk for birds watching
  • Village tour, visit local primary, secondary school, dispensary and local market
  • To visit the maasai women handcraft group
  • Walking to shore of lake Natron