Serengeti National Park

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Serengeti National Park, which is rightfully deemed a World Heritage Site, is the one place where one can witness the Great Migration, when Wildebeest and Zebra in their hundreds of thousands follow the yearly rain patterns in search of green pastures.

This takes place against the backdrop of the pristine “endless plains of Africa”, spanning 15 thousand square kilometers. This Park offers something for visitors of all ages. Adults cannot help but be struck by the surrealism of the multitude of herbivores, followed by lions, cheetah and hyenas, moving with the single mindedness of the struggle for survival.

The younger children will, in turn, be thrilled to experience the place that inspired the makers of “The Lion King”. And, of course, all those familiar with National Geographic and the Animal Planet channel will readily recognize the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania as the place where many of their documentaries were filmed.

Wildlife of Serengeti National Park

Wildebeests and Zebras frolicking, childlike, on the plains; Giraffe – ever aloof – gazing upon you from their formidable height; Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards either stalking their prey or lazing in the shade just as their domestic relatives do – all these are part of the Great Migration that attracts so many visitors to Serengeti National Park of Tanzania.

From October to November more than a million Wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of Zebras migrate from the northern hills to the southern plains of the Serengeti where the vegetation is lush during Short Rains. After the Long Rains of April-June the Migration turns northwards.

The ancient instincts driving these herds are so powerful that no obstacle, including the crocodile-infested rivers, will stop them. And while many perish along the way, an estimated quarter of a million calves are born, sustaining this never-ending cycle.

Interesting Fact About Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is one of the most popular wildlife attractions in the world. Visiting it is like touching something distant and unknown. Here in the Serengeti valley, the animal world is directly connected with history. Seeing herds of Wildebeest passing by the German forts of the First World War is an unforgettable sight. All of this part of the Great Rift Valley is in harmony. Extinct volcanoes and mountain ridges merging into plains that extends towards the horizon in the West. These turn into tropical forests and, eventually, run into one of the largest lakes in the world- Lake Victoria. Watching these landscapes and the animals that inhabit them will undoubtedly leave you with a sense of magic.